I’m so excited to announce a brand new show from five ohm creative starring New York City Based healer Stephanie Blair.

Stephanie is not only a friend of five ohm but also my newly ringed Fiance. A couple days after I popped the question on the shores of Rockaway Beach Oregon I zoomed into our weekly creative meeting where producer Tony Speakers was giving us a run down on a 28 day podcast challenge. We all threw suggestions around and landed on an idea that had just occurred to me in the early haze of engagement; to give Stephanie the stage with what I called “The Personality Podcast”.

My idea was that she could take her professional pursuits into metaphysical systems, astrology, numerology her experience as a cardologist, therapeutic technique and seemingly endless fascination with the Psyche and wax poetic about it all with a wide range of personalities; from shaman and swamis to actors and analysts. As we left the Oregon Shores we wrote a brief video script introducing our ideas and we submitted ourselves in the podcast challenge.

Thanks to Tony speakers!

We made our way through and finished the 28 day podcast challenge!

FiveOHM is proud to present to you Psyche Surfing available now on: