One Night Only


Monica Bill Barnes & Company

One Night Only

in association with NEW NEIGHBORHOOD

One Night Only

Created by Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass, and Robert Saenz de Viteri

Choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes

Designed by Kelly Hanson and Jane Cox



Tonight the clock is running… and so are they! Longtime performing partners Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass will leave it all on the field in this world premiere production. It’s got just as much heart (and potential for failure!) as last year’s World Series, except there are no balls, no bats, and it’s only 63 minutes long. Everyday movements will be taken to monumental new heights as Barnes and Bass summon a night of unexpected joy from manic finger snapping, competitive spinning, and non-stop athleticism. Don’t be fooled by the title, One Night Only happens seven times a week and they’ll be making up the rules as they go.

Monica Bill Barnes & Company joins forces with WP Theater in association with New Neighborhood for One Night Only (running as long as we can). WP Theater (formerly known as Women’s Project Theater), under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Lisa McNulty and Managing Director Michael Sag, presents Monica Bill Barnes & Company in their Off-Broadway debut as part of their 2017-2018 40th Anniversary Season at WP Theater (2162 Broadway at 76th Street). New Neighborhood is a theatre/TV/music company whose sincerity and authenticity are so combustible they cannot be housed under one roof for too long without doing severe structural damage.