Our fearless Creative Director “Lucky” Luke Norby is reviving his podcast after what appears to be a two year hiatus. I had a chance to sit with Luke and talk about his vision for Season Three of Lucky Luke’s Legacy Archive.

J: I’ve heard all the episodes, I’m kinda lost on how you number your seasons and episodes. I have two questions to start:

  1. What happened to season two?
  2. Why such a long Hiatus?

L: These are excellent questions. What I can tell you is that season two is not entirely lost and we are working with the proper authorities to save it from the time warp that swallowed it nearly whole in the ides of 2017. I was slightly lost on my way home from a spiritual awakening in early mid 2016 and ended up making the whole of season two in a parallel dimension. Relations with the folks regarding the portal are currently favorable and I expect that season two will populate my feed much the same way that the McFly family repopulated the photographs that they were lost from as Marty and the Doc put the proper pieces back in order after their little time traveling Delorean dilemma.

J: Ok…

L: (Long Pause, staring directly into my eyes)

J: Next Question?

L: Excellent

J: So, yeah I’ve heard all the episodes. I still don’t know what your podcast is about. Do You?

L: (beet red face) You’re a regular Barbara Walters. I didn’t see that one coming… You have to be careful of fake news these days. I don’t want to throw that term around lightly. With the current administration and all the problems with domestic threats and 9/11 and 2Pac and everything. You know I used to play a character called the VJ Jesus 2000 for a comedy show called Big effin’ deal with a lot of up and coming comedians that were really funny and we had such a great time you know…(spaces off)

J: So you don’t actually know what your podcast is about?

L: I guess the elevator pitch needs some work.

J: Why did you ask me to do this?

L: Because we needed to get a blog post done about the launch of season three.

J: So can we be done now?

L: Yeah I’m Hungry.

J: You wanna get something to eat?

L: Yeah but not with you…(walks out of the room and slams the door)

Lucky Luke’s Legacy Archive Season 3 is available now @: