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I was enjoying a week of skiing in the colorado mountains in mid December at my very favorite Keystone Resort. My phone didn’t come out to many times between runs but among one such outing I glanced through an email with an offer for a gig in Vegas for the Intel Keynote at CES 2018. A surge of excitement ran through me as I passed it along to the powers that be and promptly returned to the snow. The next day while still on the slopes the whole thing got ironed out and confirmed and I headed into the holidays knowing my 2018 would start in Vegas working with the intel VR team on a video as part of a very large Keynote presentation at the Park Theater in Las Vegas Nevada to kick of the 2018 Consumer Consumer Electronics Show.

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I had spoken briefly to a worldstage video supervisor named TJ about the specifications of the project and if the 55 page PDF document from JOH productions containing the 10 day load in schedule was any indication of the scale of the project I knew I was gonna be among the best and brightest of the tech and entertainment industry. A few key words that I had gleaned from the load in schedule that caused me a handful google of searches were volocopter, nanotube speed winch, and synchronized drone show.

To say the least: I was extremely excited to see this particular show come together.

I walked into the Park Theater at 8am on January 2nd and there were hundreds of technicians, electricians, construction workers, riggers, suits and project managers, technology specialists, security guards and maybe thousands of road cases and pallets stacked and stacked through the several towering vomitorium style doors out to the revolving loading dock.

As I stood on the stage and looked out on at the massive auditorium that is the Park Theater it’s width was astounding.  

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Inbetween researching my hardware in video village I would wander upstairs into the load in for the theater and watch one of the biggest LED walls and floors I’ve ever seen (and I’ve built some big ones) get lifted into the sky. Hundred of projectors lined the balconies and the set being built was enormous in scale. By the end of the day I saw an army of what seemed like thousands of drones get unpacked from road cases and spread around backstage.

On day two I was assigned a new station in a ballroom up a couple elevators and down some long windy service corridors in the back alleys of the monte carlo hotel away from the theater.

That’s where I met my contacts at Intel who were all very nice and accommodating. They offered me a nice piece of real estate amongst a series of impressive looking VR set ups and even offered to build me my very own super fancy processing monster of a machine with which to do my work.

I learned that the moving image I would be helping to create would live on a projection surface 195 ft wide and would feature a virtual reality representation of the Intel CES booth. I would be taking the uncompressed feed from a virtual reality environment and translating it with a custom built rack of Ki Image pro ultra recorders and a distribution amplifier that would sync these five HD feeds so that I could stitch them all back together with the adobe NLE of my choice into a 9600 x 1080 video that we would flavor (hap) so the D3 software can push it through the E2 hardware and can play it on this massive this projection surface that is literally 15 feet wider than a football field and the entire width of the massive theater upstairs.

This is an H2 Element

I had the pleasure of watching this spectacle about 7 times over the course of three days and everytime it was mesmerizing. AI instruments; data in the park, Sensor data robot gymnasts on trampolines, one of the most complex and amazing live video spectacles of a set i’ve ever seen and a presentation about the way that data has and will continue to transform the way our species evolves. Check out this piece that verge did from behind the scenes. I’m so glad Five Ohm got to take part in this guiness book of world record breaking spectacle of a technology show. Congratulations to the thousands of people that brought it all together.


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